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    With proven consulting systems, and a wealth of construction experience available from the one place, Smart Technology Solutions Inc. Construction Consultants is Chicago's premier construction company. With our extensive range of service offerings, plus the option to customise reports to fit your individual requirements, STS has the expertise and experience to resolve your construction problems, whether they involve a new or existing home, commercial/industrial project or insurance claims.

    As a full-service contractor, Smart Technology Solutions Inc. (STS) provides a comprehensive range of delivery methods which can be tailored to meet your exact requirements. Providing construction management, general contracting, construction manager at risk and design/build services, STS has experience in industrial (manufacturing/distribution), commercial, and residential applications. In addition, STS also provides complete electrical and technology solutions. Construction requires the guidance of experienced professionals. Your project is in the best hands with the professionals at STS Contractors who strive to make your project a total success. Our staff has decades of experience and service, with a primary goal of client satisfaction.

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    General Contracting

    This is the traditional process in which the construction entity takes full responsibility for managing all equipment, materials and subcontractors required to complete the project with no responsibility for design.

    CMAR (Construction Management at Risk)

    With the CM at Risk approach,the CM holds the risk of subletting the construction work to trade subcontractors and guaranteeing completion of the project for a fixed, negotiated price following completion of the design. .

    Design/ Build

    Design/Build is a project delivery system whereby a single entity (known as the design-builder) is contractually responsible for both the design and construction of a project.

    Emergency Services

    Our reputation in the emergency services field is the product of designing a process that provides for such untimely events, allowing our clients to depend upon on us at such a critical time.

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    Additional services

    Lighting and Electrical

    STS Contractors offers flexible lighting and electrical solutions that reduce costs, increase comfort for both businesses and homes.

    Power Backup Systems

    Critical systems must be in operation in order for the business to operate. By installing a Generator Backup and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) at your business, you can guarantee that data is protected and the lights, power, and systems critical to the operations of your company continue to stay on.

    Integrated Security

    STS Electric's size, stability and security expertise allows us to offer professional system integration services, including system design, engineering, installation and service.

    Building Condition Audits (BCA)

    Building Condition Audits can be done either at Pre-Purchase Stage or on properties currently owned. A BCA provides you with a complete report on the current state of your property, both internal and external, and can be tailored to cater insurance requirements.

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    Smart Technology Solutions, Inc. insists safe working practices are followed on all project sites
    and that accident prevention is a function of management. Safety is a precursor for completed operations exposures and a warning for failures of construction management methods. Therefore we take a thorough "hands on" approach to safety. Our philosophy is simple: "Create a safe
    working environment by 1) regularly monitoring and enforceing safety at all workplaces,
    2) acquaint all STS employees of the recent regulations, codes and policies and certify them in accident prevention and first aid methods, 3) conduct meetings with our subcontractors about
    safety and require them to be liable for their employees safety, and 4) Setup a company safety program complete with a written safety procedures manual that will present all personnel with a reference for initiating, and carrying out all safety activities that provide protection for workers,
    subcontractors and the public affected by the company's operations

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    Contact Us

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