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As a full-service contractor, Smart Technology Solutions Inc. (STS) provides a comprehensive range of delivery methods which can be tailored to meet your exact requirements. Providing construction management, general contracting, and other construction services, STS has experience in industrial (manufacturing/distribution), commercial, and residential applications. Construction requires the guidance of experienced professionals. Your project is in the best hands with the professionals at STS who strive to make your project a total success. Our staff has decades of experience and service, with a primary goal of client satisfaction.

Smart Technology Solutions has a full-time, in-house staff of professionals dedicated solely to providing our clients with a full spectrum of preconstruction services. Though our services vary based on project delivery method, market requirements and our unique client needs, what doesn’t vary are the results—detailed, accurate and complete data up front, allowing for comprehensive, informed decision-making, cost control and schedule adherence.

Throughout the project, we will estimate and value engineer all costs of the work regarding options and alternative systems suggested by STS, the Owner and/or the Architect. These budgets are prepared as soon as project requirements have been identified and are updated continuously for review. All budget information, project costs and related information are reported on a frequent basis. We continually update and further refine this estimate for the Owner’s approval as the development of the drawings and specifications progresses.

about us

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