Smart Technology Solutions, Inc. insists safe working practices are followed on all project sites and that accident prevention is a function of management. Safety is a precursor for completed operations exposures and a warning for failures of construction management methods. Therefore, we take a thorough “hands on” approach to safety. Our philosophy is simple: “Create a safe working environment by:

Regularly monitoring and enforcing safety at all workplaces,

  • Acquaint all STS employees of the recent regulations, codes and policies and certify them in accident prevention and first aid methods,

  • Conduct meetings with our subcontractors about safety and require them to be liable for their employee’s safety, and

  • Setup a company safety program complete with a written safety procedures manual that will present all personnel with a reference for initiating, and carrying out all safety activities that provide protection for workers, subcontractors and the public affected by the company’s operations

All employees of STS and STS’ subcontractors are responsible for conducting their job duties in accordance with our safety commitment and are held accountable for their safety performance. We support each employee by providing the knowledge, equipment, tools, time, and resources necessary for their success.


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