MEP Design/Build

STS commitment to MEP design/build excellence is integrated into our process. By evaluating design alternatives in collaboration with our customers, we can weigh investment costs, calculate ongoing operating expenses and make expert recommendations that add value and optimize budgets and schedules. Our dedicated team of talented designers and engineers uses state-of-the-art techniques and technologies to ensure quality is never compromised during any stage of your building’s lifecycle.

Benefits of the Design / Build Approach

  • Turnkey process for client

  • Clear channel of communication for the client

  • Combined expertise of contractor and designer yield greater value for the client

  • Cost and time savings

  • Reduced owner’s risk

  • Eliminated redundancies

The STS Advantage

STS assembles a team of the most capable and experienced project managers, architects, and engineers who have the expertise to successfully complete a project. A lengthy list of successfully completed projects and a significant number of repeat clients represents our nearly 35 years of experience. MEP design and implementation is a core component of our longstanding track record of design/build success.

MEP Design/Build

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