Pre-Construction Services

The most critical component of any construction project begins long before groundbreaking. A full spectrum of evaluations, recommendations, and due diligence completed by our team result in a proactive approach to budgeting, scheduling, site review, project delivery and conceptual planning in a way that is tailored to each client’s unique needs.

STS will provide its clients with some or all of the following preconstruction services based on a diverse range of delivery methods and markets:

Budget Development and Estimating

Using our proprietary estimating tools and databases, as well as timely information from the marketplace, our experienced in-house team of estimators collaborates with the project team in the development of an early, accurate budget. As the design develops, we maintain a watchful eye toward the budget, providing advice as to cost, schedule and constructability.

Value Analysis

STS’s systematic and proactive approach to value engineering maximizes the effect of every project dollar spent and is a critical component of our process. This includes cost analysis, identification of alternatives, construction feasibility, considerations relative to labor and material availability, and effect on the project schedule.

Constructability Reviews

Based on our decades of experience, the STS preconstruction team reviews the design documents to ensure the documents are clear, the construction details are efficient, and the architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical drawings are coordinated. We will work continuously with all design professionals involved in the project team to ensure there are no “surprises” during construction to impact the overall schedule and/or budget.

Benefits of the Preconstruction Approach

  • Removes unknowns and reduces risk for owner

  • Significant cost savings

  • Enhanced schedule control

The STS Advantage

A comprehensive project plan created long before ground is broken eliminates guesswork and saves time and money.

Our Pre-Construction Services Include:

  • Budget Development

  • Conceptual and Detailed Estimating

  • Scheduling

  • Logistics Evaluation

  • Design Package Support

  • Constructability Review

  • Value Engineering Analysis

  • BIM-based Clash-Detection

  • Preconstruction Mock-up and Exploratory Services

  • MEP Analysis

  • Bid Preparation

Pre-Construction Services

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